Sound Proof Pod Installation at Houston Methodist Hospital

Sound Proof Pod Installation at Houston Methodist Hospital

4 x 4 x 7 ft.

This Rejuvenation Station TM Sound Proof Pod can be customized for any clinical area of high stress, hospital ER facility, or outpatient facility with graphic elements covering the front door that meet the specifications of the customer.

This Rejuvenation Station unit is available to be used by all employees at the Houston Methodist Hospital in their emmergency department in the back corridor of the ER.

The Challenge


$4.6 Billion dollars on a national scale, the conservative base-case model estimates, that costs related to physician turnover and reduced clinical hours is attributable to burnout each year in the United States. As published in the Annals of Internal Medicine dated June 4, 2019.

The Solution

The Rejuvenation Station provide immersive sonic and visual rejuvenating experiences for physicians, nurses, caregivers, patients and employees in this easy to install sanctuary.

The Rejuvenation station reduces stress and turnover and improves customer experiences.*

**Research Data compiled from Houston Medical Center over 4 month trial in ER.
Rejuvenation Station Go!

Rejuvenation Station Go!

27 " monitor

The Rejuvenation Go includes a touch screen monitor, mounted on a rolling cart, a high quality noise cancellation headset along with headset covers for individual use. The monitor is mounted to the cart and the headset is toggled to the cart to prevent loss.  This can be set up in a lounge or any area where a caregiver can get away for a few minutes and have a guided meditation, or nature experience. Delivered as a kit of parts, it can be assembled in less than an hour and ready to go wherever stress release is needed.   

What is the actual cost of Physician and Nurse burnout in Billions of Dollars?

$ Billion total annual cost physician burnout

$ Billion annual cost nurse burnout

$ Billion total annual cost burnout

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