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Healthcare Workers Are Burnt Out

Healthcare can be an extremely stressful job under normal circumstances. The weight of patient outcomes, long shifts, and unexpected emergent situations can build over time. After Covid-19 considerations, those stress inducing aspects of healthcare are at an all time high.

The causes of Burnout


Stress in healthcare is a well known and managed aspect of the job. The long hours, complex patient cases, and overall patient volume create a high risk of burnout in the profession. This is clear based on historic data on turnover in healthcare, and especially in major hospital systems.

Stressed nurse at work

How often burnout occurs

42 to 54% of physicians experience burnout


How many caregivers feel burnout

of primary care providers reporting feelings of professional burnout “at least sometimes”

The shortage of physicians by 2025 due to burnout
0 ?%
How much worse can it get in a post-COVID world?

Healthcare Workers Are Burning Out

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How much worse it can get

In a post-Covid world

Have you heard these before?

What worker burnout sounds like

I don’t know if I can deal with it anymore, I might not be able to come in for awhile.

If I have to listen to one more person’s petty problem, I’m going to scream.

I’m tired all the time and the working is killing me.

Please, just give me one more minute. I need to think.

I don’t have time to help you out, there’s just too much to do.

You know best

what worker burnout sounds like