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The Cost

What's the cost of burnout?

Employee Turnover is Expensive

Stressed and burnt out employees experience much lower job satisfaction and are more likely to look for new employment. The highest risk to capability in healthcare is employee turnover causing short staffed hospital units. Burnt out employees leave and recruiting, hiring, and training new providers is expensive.

A worker gets overwhelmed
They burn out

The Cycle

The work load is passed on
Tired looking doctor resting on bench with hands together
It takes time and finance to hire and train a new employee
Woman doctor crossing arms smiling
A new worker joins to pick up the workload
Black doctor sitting on floor looking up
The work is overwhelming

The Great

Group of surgeons gathered around operating table performing surgery
The other workers have to do extra work
Black woman doctor sleeping on train with coat and mask on
A worker burns out and leave

Stress and Burnout - The real costs

Employee Turnover

The average cost to hire a new physician is $150,000 – $250,000. The estimated cost to hire a new nurse is $50,000. These are the real savings available when you reduce turnover by one single employee. 

Doctor putting on gloves
$ 0
Billion lost annually from physician burnout
$ 0
Billion Lost Annually from nurse burnout
$ 0
Billion Lost annually overall to burnout
$ 0 ???
Annual Post-Covid Burnout

Annual Cost of Burnout in Healthcare

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Annual Reputation of Companies with Burnout

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