A Solution to workplace burnout

The Rejuvenation Station™ and the Rejuvenation Station GO!™ is an immersive personal audio visual experience designed and hospital tested to reduce caregiver stress.

when burnout is

The Problem

Pre-covid burnout in physician ranged from 42% to 54%…and now? BURNOUT causes more workers to exit the system, increases self-reported medical errors in diagnosis and treatment, and decreases quality of care and patient safety.

Tired looking doctor resting on bench with hands together

How often burnout occurs

42 to 54% of physicians experience burnout

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what does it cost?

The Cost

$4.6 Billion dollars on a national scale, the conversative base-case model estimates, that costs related to physician turnover and reduced clinical hours is attributable to burnout each year in the United States. As published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Is there a solution?

The Solution

Rejuvenation Go!™ provides 5 minute immersive sonic and visual rejuvenating experiences for healthcare workers, delivered to where staff work, in a safe, personal way.

Tested in a houston Emergency Department, the Rejuvenation Go!™ has demonstrated that it can reduce the impact of job-related stress in five minutes.

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of physicians felt burned out before 2019
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Billion annually lost to burnout
Minutes for our products to work

Rejuvenation Station

The original, providing an immersive, sonic & visual rejuvenating experience in customizable, sound proof pod.

Rejuvenation Station - Pod

Rejuvenation Go !

Providing the same immersive, sonic & visual rejuvenating experience in a more portable and flexible system.

Rejuvenation Go Unit

The Proof

Tested in a Houston Emergency Department, the Rejuvenation GO!™ has demonstrated that it can reduce the impact of job-related stress in less than five minutes.

Responses Before

Responses After

Before Average

After Average

Before and after responses for Rejuvenation station based on a 3 months study in the Emergency Department at Houston Methodist Medical Center. 


"A solution to workplace burnout"

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Bob smith

Founder and ceo