The Portable Answer To Burnout

Rejuvenation Go!

Portable, Flexible

Stress Relief

In response to the unique needs of today’s healthcare world, the Rejuvenation Go!™ was developed in concert with healthcare leaders and end users to provide the same immersive, sonic and visual rejuvenating experiences in a portable, safe, plug and play system. Portability, flexibility and options define the RS GO!™ while using the same hospital tested stress reducing programs as the Rejuvenation Station™. 

The Rejuvenation Go includes a touch screen monitor, mounted on a rolling cart, a high quality noise cancellation headset along with headset covers for individual use. The monitor is mounted to the cart and the headset is toggled to the cart to prevent loss.  This can be set up in a lounge or any area where a caregiver can get away for a few minutes and have a guided meditation, or nature experience. It comes pre-assembled to roll out of the crate, plug and play.

Rejuvenation Go!

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