Help us help our Heroes!!

Our COVID 19 workers are putting in long, stress-filled hours to keep us alive and safe. To provide them a moment of respite and relieve their stress, Aesthetic Audio Systems has created Rejuvenation Go!™, a small portable version of its acclaimed Rejuvenation Station™.

Tested in a Houston Emergency Department, the Rejuvenation Station™ has demonstrated that it can reduce the impact of job-related stress in less than five minutes. The Rejuvenation Station™ offers a variety of high quality, immersive multi-sensorial audio and video journeys that vary between 3 – 7 minutes.

The programs are created by Emmy award winning artists for music and cinematography, Gary Malkin and David Fortney, and are delivered in stereo with high definition video. Included are also a series of mesmerizing nature animation videos called “Moving Paintings” by film artist Steve Matson.

Rejuvenation Go!™ includes a touch screen monitor, mounted on a rolling cart, a high-quality noise cancellation headset along with headset covers for individual use. The monitor is mounted to the cart and the headset is toggled to the cart to prevent loss. This can be set up in a lounge, alcove or any area where a caregiver can get away for a few minutes and experience a brief guided meditation or a virtual immersion into nature. It is so compact, it can fit nearly anywhere and allow a means of respite where caregivers need it, when they need it.

The Rejuvenation Go!™ is priced at $4,999.00, and arrives fully assembled.* These are available to ship in early June 2020, are fully tax deductible and can be donated to a healthcare organization of your choice. Ask us how.

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